Eclipse Data

GLOBE Eclipse Data

Before major solar eclipses, GLOBE Observer adds a special limited time tool to the app to allow citizen scientists observers to submit air temperature data in addition to the usual data types available. For more information about the eclipse tool, please visit the Eclipse area of the Do GLOBE Observer section.

Current eclipse data sets available (clouds and air temperature):


Citation for Eclipse Air Temperature Data: GLOBE Eclipse Dataset v1, <date of eclipse>, The GLOBE Program,


Citation for the Clouds Data with Satellite Matching: Rogerson, T.M., M. Colón Robles, J.E. Taylor, 2019, GLOBE Clouds Dataset v1, NASA Langley Research Center,


Acknowledgements: The data obtained from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and GLOBE are free of charge for use in research, publications and commercial applications. When data from NASA LaRC and GLOBE are used in a publication, we request this acknowledgment be included: "These data were obtained from NASA Langley Research Center and the GLOBE Program." Please include such statements, either where the use of the data or other resource is described, or within the Acknowledgements section of the publication.


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