The Trees observation tool in the NASA GLOBE Observer (NASA GO) app allows citizen scientist observers to use their mobile devices to take tree height and tree circumference measurements all over the globe.


The GLOBE Observer app extends the reach of the GLOBE Program by providing a way for you, as a citizen scientist in a GLOBE country, to make observations and contribute to the GLOBE community. Your GLOBE observations help scientists track changes in clouds, water, plants, and other life in support of Earth system science research. Scientists can also use your data to help interpret NASA and other satellite data. GLOBE observations are available for anyone to view and by submitting your observations, you can help students of all ages do real scientific research as part of the GLOBE Program. Everyone can participate, including GLOBE alumni, retired GLOBE teachers, families, and others in the local community.  Download the app, go outside and follow the prompts in the app to observe your environment.  And don’t forget to submit your data to GLOBE after recording observations! 

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