We received over 80,000 air temperature measurements and nearly 20,000 clouds observations from more than 10,000 observers! While our team is working on analyzing the data, we also encourage citizen scientists of all ages to try their hand at doing their own analysis. Go to our data analysis page for example graphs and tips and tricks for accessing the data.

The GLOBE Observer app extends the reach of the GLOBE Program by providing a way for you, as a citizen scientist in a GLOBE country, to make observations and contribute to the GLOBE community.   Your GLOBE observations help scientists track changes in clouds, water, plants, and other life in support of Earth system science research. Scientists can also use your data to help interpret NASA and other satellite data. GLOBE observations are available for anyone to view and by submitting your observations, you can help students of all ages do real scientific research as part of the GLOBE Program. Everyone can participate, including GLOBE alumni, retired GLOBE teachers, families, and others in the local community.  Download the app, go outside and follow the prompts in the app to observe your environment.  And don’t forget to always submit your data to GLOBE! 

What You Can Do
Join the Community

You can become a GLOBE Observer. Just download the GLOBE Observer app and use it to observe the environment wherever you are. 

We are also active on Facebook and Twitter, sharing news, events, and science connections. Other questions about getting involved? Contact us.

The Science
Tips and Help
Did you know...?

Observations are most helpful if taken when a NASA  satellite is overhead. Select "check satellite flyovers" or click on the satellite icon in the app.