Find tree-related activities to integrate into carts, demonstrations, classes and more.


Freeze/Thaw - The Breathing Boreal Forest

In this activity students play the role of coniferous trees. First they learn about seasonal freeze/thaw cycles and dormancy through a game of tag. Students then juggle complex environmental factors to try to survive a growing season in a changing climate. Connections between freeze/thaw cycles, photosynthesis and the global carbon cycle are explored.

How to Build a GLOBE Clinometer

Constructing and Using a Clinometer: A clinometer is an instrument used for measuring angles. In GLOBE, you use it to find the angle for calculating tree heights.

Paper Clinometer

Build a paper clinometer with simple materials like a straw and a weight, like a paperclip or a washer, and use it to measure trees.

Tree Impact Study

Trees are among the oldest living organisms on Earth. Because of their size, complexity, and long life, trees provide a habitat, like an island, that rises far above the ground. Your goal in this study is to document the impact of a large tree on the environment of your school or community.