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How much do you know about trees? Do you want to learn all about trees from the GLOBE Program and NASA?
The GLOBE Trees Family Guide is a place to learn, with family and friends, all about trees. On Earth, there are approximately 3 trillion trees, each of them vital to our planet. From pulling in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing carbon in trunks, roots, branches, leaves, and buds, and serving as habitats for a countless number of living things, trees are extremely important to our planet’s health. With the GLOBE Trees Family Guide, you can look at tree-related science themes, such as tree height, trees and carbon, impacts on trees, and trees as habitats, through a series of science journeys. The journeys are built for specific age groups of learners: Sprouts (early childhood and lower elementary school, up to about age eight), Seedlings (upper elementary and middle school, from about age nine to age twelve), and Saplings (teens and adults). Each thematic journey will take you through a series of “Ask,” “Learn,” “Observe,” and “Create” questions, activities, demonstrations, and creations.
So, choose the Trees Science Journey for the appropriate age group, start to learn all about trees, and most of all, be safe and have fun.