GLOBE Observer App Status

October 11, 2019: Version 3.0 in the App Store and Google Play

This version includes updates for key elements of the app including the camera controller, and improved error handling for devices which do not have a magnetometer.


October 11, 2019: Latitude and longitude data

Effective September 15, 2019, the site location as defined by the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and the true latitude and longitude of an observation made with the NASA GLOBE Observer mobile app are both returned by the GLOBE Advanced Data Access Tool (ADAT),GLOBE Visualization System (Vis), and GLOBE Application Programming Interface (API) in the downloaded dataset. GLOBE Observer data are impacted (i.e., observations made with the Observer app). Full details are available under User Guide Updates.


September 20, 2019: Update via the app

A fairly substantial app update was released (19.5 MB). Many of the changes were behind the scenes and not apparent to users, such as a major rewrite of large sections of the code to bring it up to date. More noticeable changes to users include:

  • Improved compass accuracy for users who previously experienced compass offsets (the compass in the app not indicating the correct direction).
  • Simplified surface conditions input – users will be able to use previously entered surface condition values (standing water, leaves on trees, etc.) if a second measurement is near (15 minutes and 100m) a previous measurement.
  • Improved error handling for users who do not have a compass/magnetometer in their phone.
  • Improved error handling for users who are offline.
  • Improved consistency in how each tool in the app handles the data submission and review process
  • Additional translations for Dutch and Thai.
  • Removed the button for the temporary Eclipse tool.


This page lists brief information about changes, updates, and currently know issues related to the GLOBE Observer app and data. For full details about recent data issues specifically, visit the Data User Guide page and look under User Guide Updates. If you have further questions, please contact us.