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Find mosquito-related activities to integrate into carts, demonstrations, classes and more.

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Build a Mosquito Trap - Activity Guide

An activity guide to build a simple trap to capture mosquito eggs and larvae using recycled and inexpensive materials, including suggestions for incorporating the activity into programming.

One-page activity version for participants

Mosquito Habitat Audit

Lead a walk and look for potential mosquito habitats, eliminating them along the way.

Mosquito Habitats and Hideouts Activity

Gain familiarity with the variety of container mosquito habitats, hideouts, and life cycle stages with these games! Mosquito Habitats and Hideouts can be played three different ways: Bingo, Name That Habitat, or Sketch That Habitat.

Hideouts Activity Guide

Hideouts Bingo Boards

Hideouts Call Slides

Mosquito Tellers

Collection of 5 different versions of the hands-on Mosquito Teller.

Full Color Version

Blank, DIY Version

Grayscale, Low-Ink Version

Observation Stations

Observation Stations are typically 2' concrete stickers, from which citizen scientists can take observations using the GLOBE Observer app. Observing from a station provides additional information that allows our team to study things like change over time or the accuracy of the app. Download the template file and check out the Facilitator's Guide for guidance on customizing and placing your stations.


Facilitator's Guide

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GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper: Getting Started (Basic)

[2:15] Learn how to make a basic mosquito habitat observation using the GLOBE Observer app.


GLOBE Observer: Mosquito Habitat Mapper - Getting Started (Sample Collection)

[3:41] Learn how to take samples of mosquito larvae during a Mosquito Habitat Mapper Observation


Step-by-Step Mosquito Habitat Mapper Tutorial

Step-by-step illustrated guide to collecting specimens and observations with the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper.