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Find cloud-related activities to integrate into carts, demonstrations, classes and more.

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Touching the Clouds

Create a tactile model of common types of clouds to learn to describe the clouds based on their shape and texture.

Sky Conditions

Demonstrate how aerosols affect visibility using water and milk.

Observation Stations

Observation Stations are typically 2' concrete stickers, from which citizen scientists can take observations using the GLOBE Observer app. Observing from a station provides additional information that allows our team to study things like change over time or the accuracy of the app. Download the template file and check out the Facilitator's Guide for guidance on customizing and placing your stations.


Facilitator's Guide


Create a sky scene using materials like wax paper, fabric and paper, and learn about the different characteristics of clouds.

Cloud Teller

Learn about the different types of clouds with this paper fortune teller.

Cloud in a Jar

Bring the clouds down to Earth! Simple directions to create a cloud in a jar.

Versión en español, La Nube en un Frasco

Cloud in a Bottle

Create a cloud using rubbing alcohol and an air pump and investigate it using a laser.

You can also do this demonstration using water, ice and a match.

Cloud Cover Estimation

Create a cloud collage and ask your friends to guess the percentage of cloud cover. Expand or adapt this activity by printing photos of the sky and asking participants to identify the cloud coverage.

Versión en español, Estimación de la Cobertura de Nubes

See a video demonstration of Cloud Cover Estimation as a family activity.

Cloud Clues (Cloud Opacity)

Categorize various materials by opacity and understand why cloud opacity matters. Add a light sensor to measure how much light passes through the materials.

Versión en español, "Pistas en las Nubes"