Toolkit for Informal EducatorsConnect your organization’s mission to real-world science by introducing visitors to GLOBE Observer, an app-based citizen science project. GLOBE Observer can be integrated into programming at museums, science centers, zoos and aquariums, parks, public gardens, libraries and more. Simply engage visitors with a smartphone or tablet, integrate GLOBE Observer into an existing talk or demo, or create a new cart or event centered around the app.

It’s easy to get started with GLOBE Observer. Simply download the app, register for an account and plan your program using the resources included below. In this toolkit, you will find information, activities and resources for each of the app modules. In the Advanced section, you can find more information on topics such as organizing an event and becoming a GLOBE partner. Have a question? Contact us.

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Mosquito Habitat Mapper


Land Cover




View Eclipse resources.


Exhibits and Displays

Interested in developing an exhibit or permanent display about citizen science? We'd like to help. Contact us for helpful resources and tips.

GLOBE Partners

GLOBE Partners (Country Coordinators and U.S. Partners) facilitate the implementation of GLOBE in their country or within a service area of their country. Partners recruit GLOBE schools, as well as provide training opportunities and mentoring activities for GLOBE teachers to promote the teaching and learning of science, enhance environmental literacy and stewardship, and promote scientific discovery. In the U.S., nonprofit or governmental organizations, whose priorities focus on support of student inquiry and research about the environment, are invited to become U.S. GLOBE Partners.

Accessing, Using and Sharing Data

GLOBE data are all made freely available to everyone. Visualizing and retrieving data are the easiest way to explore GLOBE data. The capability provided includes various maps, graphs, and data tables. Users may download data for use in their own analysis systems. 

An exhibit at Goddard Space Flight Center showing how to get involved in NASA science through the GLOBE program.

An exhibit at the Goddard Visitor Center shows how people can get involved in NASA science through the GLOBE Program and GLOBE Observer.

New Resource

This short video explains how to use the Clouds tool within the GLOBE Observer app.