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Anatomy of a Raindrop

[2:50] Learn about the shape of a raindrop and why it is important for satellites like GPM to be able to measure the size of a raindrop.


Correlation Between GLOBE Citizen Science and NASA Satellite Observations

[1:49] In this animation, data from Aqua, CALIPSO, CloudSat and GLOBE Observer are combined to show how multiple observations reveal the structure of clouds.


For Good Measure

[2:01] This video provides examples of how rain affects our lives and explains how NASA uses satellites to study precipitation.


GLOBE Clouds: Getting Started

[2:35] This short video describes how to use the GLOBE Observer app to observe clouds and includes helpful tips.


GLOBE Observer Cloud Science

[2:45] Atmospheric scientist, Jessica Taylor, describes how clouds affect our weather and climate and explains how your cloud observations help scientists study clouds.

Introducing GLOBE Observer

[0:40] This short video introduces the GLOBE Observer app.


NASA Behind the Science: Dr. Yolanda Shea

[9:59] Dr. Yolanda Shea shares how watching the weather forecast led her to a career as a NASA scientist. Dr. Shea uses remote sensing to study the role of clouds in Earth's climate.

Show Me the Water

[2:49] This video breaks down how much of Earth's water is usable and why studying precipitation is important for preparing for extreme weather, like flooding or drought.


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SOS: Water Falls

[8:36] This Science on a Sphere movie explains how NASA uses satellites to study freshwater resources and extreme weather by investigating clouds and precipitation.