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NASA GLOBE Observer’s Weekly Roundup: 3-10 February 2018

A woman stands next to a glacier.

When you hear the word cheerleader, no doubt you think of the sports variety. High kicks, pom poms, and special calls and chants. But a cheerleader does not have to just promote sports. Have you ever considered being a cheerleader for citizen science? A few cheerleaders, memorabilia, and more in this week's edition of the roundup.  "Let's Go Citizen Science!"

1. IMAGE OF THE WEEK: If you haven't checked out our latest profile yet you should. Lauren Farmer does citizen science and leads others in citizen science in both the North and South Poles.

(In the above image Lauren stands next to a glacier.)

2. OF NOTE: This Sunday is the Superbowl and few former cheerleaders that are involved in STEM have released their favorite citizen science projects. NASA GO made their list. Learn more in the link below.

3. FREE SWAG: The cheers that result from a successful liftoff are much like those shouted for a successful touchdown. This last Thursday was the 60th anniversary of the launch of Explorer 1.  The U.S.'s first successful satellite in space. Imagine those cheers.

You can still print off some nice Explorer 1 anniversary swag, such as posters and a bookmark, in the first link below. Plus, continue to explore the Explorer 1 website (home page link in the second link below) for historical stories and facts. 

And speaking of space science, check out an interactive timeline of satellite science by clicking on the third link below. 

4. CONTINUED CELEBRATION: If you have been following us on social media for the last week (or any NASA account for that matter), you may have noticed an historical focus. There is quite a lot of space-satellite history. So much, that we are going to continue to share special historical content and how it relates to citizen science and clouds this week. Check out the below and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more.

5. WEEKLY VIDEO: Here are our favorite cloud observation submissions from the past week. Thank you for sharing with us your observations from all around the world.



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