Making Land Cover Observations

The app tutorials provide the information required for all three parts of a Land Cover observation: capture images of the land around you, classify what you see, and compare to the satellite map of land cover. Below is a selection of resources to help you with making observations.

If you are interested in exploring more of the 50+ data collection protocols offered by the full GLOBE Program, check out the e-training page. You will need to complete an introductory module, plus a specific sphere introduction (Biosphere is where you will find land cover), and at least one protocol-specific module. Please note: the process for doing land cover observations on the GLOBE website is slightly different than through the app. Each module consists of a PowerPoint presentation to review, plus an assessment test (you will need to be logged in to your GLOBE Observer account to take the test.) Further questions? Contact us.

Tips and Tricks Gallery



Land Cover Introductory Tutorial

The short animation from the introduction to the Land Cover tool in the GLOBE Observer app, explaining the basics of how to make observations.