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Trees Challenge 2020 Resources

This page contains resources specifically for the the Trees Challenge 2020: Make Every Tree Count. For more general Trees resources and activities, check the resource library for individual observers or the Trees section of the toolkit for informal educators.

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Trees Challenge 2020 - Facilitator's Guide

A printable PDF version of the Trees Challenge 2020: Make Every Tree Count - Facilitator's Guide for Informal Educators.

Webpage version of the Facilitator's Guide

Trees Challenge 2020 - Flyers

A printable poster and promotional flyers for the Trees Challenge 2020, including options to customize with team name and referral code. Includes both full color and black and white versions of the quarter-sheet flyer. (PDF files, downloaded as a zipped folder.)

Video demonstration of customizing the flyers

Los folletos en español (carpeta comprimida de archivos PDF)

Trees Challenge 2020 - Promotional Resources

A folder of promotional flyers and templates, as well as logos and other images that can be used in the promotion of events for the Trees Challenge 2020. (PDF and image files in a zipped folder.)

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Trees Challenge 2020 - Webinar for Informal Educators

[01:04:32] A recording of the webinar held on 19 February 2020 to help informal educators incorporate the Trees Challenge 2020 in their Earth Day planning. This webinar introduced a package of resources to support informal educators and GLOBE schools. The package includes information about trees and NASA science, connections to local tree science relevant to your community, ideas about how to manage a Trees challenge, learning activities, and other resources.

Document with Questions and Answers from the webinar

Link to a listing of the webinar segments