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Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge

25 July to 25 August 2021

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Scientists need your photos of mosquito larvae and land cover to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases.

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program invites citizen scientists from around the world to participate in the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge. This challenge combines Mosquito Habitat Mapper and Land Cover (two GLOBE Observer app tools) to document mosquito breeding habitats with photos.

GLOBE would like you to take photos of mosquito habitats, in either natural or artificial containers. If mosquito larvae are present, you are encouraged to photograph them with a magnifier (optional). Then, we’d like you to take photos of the land around the habitat location using the Land Cover tool.

Photos submitted during this challenge will be used to create automated classification programs that can identify mosquito larvae and the environments they prefer. Such computer programs can help prevent outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease.

How to participate:

  1. Download the GLOBE Observer app and register an account.
  2. Take photos of mosquito habitats and mosquito larvae using the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool.
  3. Take photos of the same location using the Land Cover tool.

Even if you can't get outside to observe, you can still learn more about mosquitoes and land cover using the list of activities below. For partners leading formal or informal education programs surrounding the challenge, please contact us for templates to use for posters and presentations.


If you missed any of the  Mosquito Monday updates during the challenge, you can see them under GLOBE Observer News.

Mosquito Monday Photo Challenge Update

The 2021 Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge has concluded. Download a customizable certificate (PDF) or digital badge (PNG) to celebrate your participation by learning, engaging and creating using the challenge activity tracker. Print or share on social media, and thanks for joining in! 

Image of Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge participation certificate

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge 2021 - Digital Badge


And we have a special certificate for you if you collected mosquito habitat, larvae, or land cover data during the challenge. Opt in (directions below) to receive GLOBE Observer News via the GLOBE Observer app. By doing so you will receive (directly via email) a certificate celebrating your data contributions. Opting in is also the best way to ensure that you get the latest updates about how the data you helped collect is being used by researchers. 

To opt in: Go to the settings menu in the app (small gear icon, bottom right), select "Opt-In/Opt-Out Settings" and then select yes under "Receive GLOBE Observer News" to receive future messages at the email address associated with your GLOBE account.


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Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Activity Tracker

The Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge activity tracker will help you keep a log of how you participate in the challenge. See the list further down this page for more details about each of the options. Thanks to our friends at the Los Angeles Public Library, we are pleased to also be able to offer the challenge activity tracker in Spanish and Chinese in addition to English (links below.)

English (PDF)

中文 - Chinese (PDF)

español (PDF)

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Data Dashboard

A dynamic data dashboard showing mosquito habitat observations (including larvae photos) and land cover observations, including a map display and graphs of when observations were taken. Can be customized by date (limited to 2021) and map extent.

Open the full data dashboard

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Photo Guide

A guide for how to take photos of mosquito habitats, larvae and land cover during the challenge.

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Photo Tips Handout

This handout describes the process of taking mosquito habitat and land cover observations during the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge, and gives tips about how to take high-quality mosquito larvae photos.

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge - Activities


Always follow guidelines from your local officials, and only participate in GLOBE activities or use the GLOBE Observer app if it is safe to do so.

Composite of observe activities, from left: collecting a mosquito larvae sample, magnified image of a mosquito larva, the Mosquito Habitat Survey data sheet, taking a land cover observation, cover of a science journal


Graphic with information about the July 8th webinar.

Composite of learn activities, from left: watch a video, the cover of the Zika Zine, a box of books, the GLOBE Visualization System, one page of the Mosquito Habitats and Hideouts activity


Composite of create activities, from left: diagram of a mosquito larvae trap, an image of a completed trap, the Making a Map instruction sheet, children building landscapes with building blocks, a mosquito poster


As you complete activities or take observations, share your results with us through social media using #MosquitoChallenge new window or by tagging the GLOBE Program. 


  • Ask an expert about mosquitoes or land cover.
  • Teach a friend about mosquitoes or land cover (for example using the Mosquito Tellers activity new window.)
  • Share mosquito prevention tips.
  • Follow GLOBE on social media:

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Composite of engage activities, from left: a scientist presenting about land cover, a poster presentation, two people sharing information on a phone, a person sharing mosquito tips with a group, social media page for the GLOBE Program


Looking for even more activities to try? Check out the Mosquito Habitats Resource Library, or the Land Cover Resource Library!

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge - Data Dashboard