Observer People

Ms. Olivia Ferrare

Intern - NASA Langley
NASA Langley Summer Intern - Clouds

This is the fifth of a series of profiles highlighting the accomplishments of NASA's 2019 Summer Interns.



What did you work on this summer?


This summer, I created a computer program that analyzed past GLOBE observations and extracted data on trends and statistics from 2017 to 2019 international observations to improve the app and outreach efforts.



What did you learn from the GLOBE Observer data?


I learned about the significant impact clouds have on a vast amount of research topics. Studying observations with valuable data from GLOBE gives researchers insight in solving complicated world problems.



What have you studied, and how has your education prepared you for this position?


Taking a class on computer programming helped me the most with my work. No matter what language it was, just learning the coding process and about various inter-lingual tools was extremely useful. Understanding how I write programs and solve technical problems before coming to NASA gave me the resources I needed with my project.



Any advice to younger students that would like to pursue internship at NASA?


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learn as much as you can as a student, and if you don’t understand something, don’t feel pressure to keep quiet. The world is a fascinating place, so just get out there and explore!



Parting thoughts on your summer at NASA?


I want to thank everyone who worked with me this summer! Finding someone who is willing to mentor you and take you under their wing is priceless, and working with the GLOBE Citizen Science Program gave me the incredible opportunity to dive deeper into my passion and work with an inspirational mentor.