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Mr. Macdonald Chirara

Citizen Scientist
"I’m passionate about environmental conservation, and the GLOBE Observer program provides me with the platform and tools to explore my passion."

Where are you from? 

I am from a small town, Marondera, located in the eastern part of Zimbabwe.


What do you do?  

I am currently a student at Colgate University located in Hamilton, New York. I also work with a social enterprise I founded in Zimbabwe, Everlasting Technology.  Everlasting Technology is a social enterprise with the mission to reduce organic waste and transition to renewable energy. 

I have been working on designs and innovations that enable communities to access clean, renewable energy.


How do you use GLOBE Observer?  

I use the GLOBE Observer Trees tool to catalog tree height data. I also use the GLOBE Observer Tree tool to participate in challenges such as the “Trees Challenge,” and the “Make Every Tree Count” challenge, which are very engaging and informative.


How do you plan to use GLOBE Observer in the future?

Being involved in the GLOBE Observer Trees tool gave me the unique opportunity to learn more about the Earth and how we benefit from trees as humans. I plan to use GLOBE Observer to gather data in my environmental science research.  I also plan to incorporate the GLOBE Observer Land Cover tool to understand and investigate the environment around me continuously.


Why is citizen science important to you?  

Citizen science is important because it gives me the unique opportunity to collaborate with scientists, which constantly motivates and inspires me to pursue educational studies in the science field.


What advice do you have for people just getting into citizen science?  

Opportunities to participate in citizen science are boundless; hence you can participate in any project that resonates with your passion, interests, or hobbies. In my case, I’m passionate about environmental conservation, and the GLOBE Program provides me with the platform and tools to explore my passion.


What do you do for fun? 

For fun, I enjoy hiking, outdoor activities, and also road trips.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who are working on innovations and initiatives to protect and safeguard planet Earth.


Any favorite quote(s) that you would like to share?

"We can now destroy, or we can cherish; the choice is ours." -David Attenborough




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