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The GLOBE Program at the AGU Fall Meeting

From 12-16 December 2022, The GLOBE Program and members of the GLOBE community attended the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA, an annual gathering of Earth scientists from around the world sharing their research and discoveries. We participated with posters and presentations relating to GLOBE data, a presence in the NASA booth in the Exhibit Hall, and sharing activities during a public science event at Adler Planetarium. Here are some photos of the activities during the week’s events!

Three people, one man and two women, stand behind a table with a NASA tablecloth. On the table are handouts and resources related to the GLOBE Program as well as materials related to the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission satellite.

GLOBE team members Brian Campbell (GLOBE Trees science lead) and Madeline Lane (social media specialist with the GLOBE Implementation Office), plus Andrea Portier from the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (sharing the table), prepare to great visitors to the NASA booth in the Exhibit Hall. Image: NASA's Science Support Office


A woman in a white sweater and scarf points at materials on a table while a young man standing on the other side of the table appears to ask questions.

Madeline Lane explains the displayed GLOBE resources to a visitor to the NASA booth. Image: NASA's Science Support Office


A large group of people crowd around multiple staffed display tables in a large, open room. Behind the tables is an audience sitting facing a set of display screens (the NASA hyperwall) while a presenter gives a talk. Above it all is a hanging sign that says “NASA Science.” Other booths are visible in the foreground and background.

A wide-angle view of the NASA booth in the AGU Exhibit Hall. Image Credit: NASA's Science Support Office


Two GLOBE-related talks were presented on the NASA Hyperwall in the Exhibit Hall.

A woman with a microphone presents in front of multiple television screens. On the screen is an Earth as a System diagram with the four spheres of GLOBE protocols, atmosphere, biosphere, pedosphere and hydrosphere.

Dr. Allison Leidner, program manager for Education and Communication in the Earth Science Division of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and head of the GLOBE Program Office at NASA Headquarters, gave a talk titled “The GLOBE Program: Enabling Students and Citizen Scientists to Explore Earth.” Image: Agnes Conaty


A man points at diagrams on the NASA Hyperwall showing a map from the website OpenAltimetry of the satellite swath locations for ICESat-2 data related to tree height, as well as specific examples of zooming in to get data from a particular place.

Brian Campbell, a senior Earth science education specialist at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and the science lead for GLOBE Trees, gave a hyperwall presentation titled, “Tree Height from the Ground and Space: The NASA GLOBE Program and the NASA ICESat-2 Mission.” Image: SSAI


In addition to a GLOBE presence in the NASA exhibit area, there were many presentations and posters using GLOBE data presented as part of the AGU scientific program, including a number by students participating in the STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) internship. You can see the full list of GLOBE-related presentations at AGU (including links to abstracts for more information), but here are photos highlighting a few of those presentations.

A presentation slide with the title, “Some Conclusions for Assessing School and Teacher Readiness for GLOBE and NASA Activities.”

Slide from ED25A-02 - "Assessing School District Readiness for Teacher Professional Development in Environmental Science Investigations," by Peter Garik (presenting author), Nektaria Adaktylou, Jonathan Boxerman, Svetlana Darche, Sara Feit, David Padgett, Jessica Taylor, Jennifer Bourgeault, Kevin Czajkowski, Donald DeRosa, Tracy Ostrom, Janet Struble. Image: Agnes Conaty


A presentation slide with the title, “Moved to Virtual and Hybrid Teacher Cohorts.”

Slide from ED25A-04 - "Moving past the pandemic: engaging students in formal and informal settings to study their local environments," by Kevin Czajkowski (presenting author), Janet Struble, Svetlana Darche, Peter Garik, David Padgett, Evangeline Harris, Nektaria Adaktylou, Jessica Taylor, and Jennifer Bourgeault. Image: Agnes Conaty


The GLOBE team also participated in a public evening event on 14 December at Adler Planetarium, on Chicago’s Museum Campus, sharing hands-on science activities with visitors.

A woman points at a satellite image of the Earth from the Landsat satellite, explaining how the information in the image can be translated into land cover classifications, as demonstrated with LEGO blocks also on the table.

Agnes Conaty, GLOBE Observer science lead, shares the LEGO Land Cover activity with children attending the event at the Adler Planetarium. Image: Agnes Conaty


We look forward to all the GLOBE activities next year, including the next AGU Fall Meeting, which will be held in San Francisco in December 2023.