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NASA GLOBE Observer’s Weekly Roundup: 7-13 May 2017

Colorful clouds at sunset.

I am always so inspired by paintings with beautiful vistas of clouds. Special clouds, an artist and more in this week's roundup.

1. IMAGE OF THE WEEK: The image above shows a special type of cloud found in polar regions. Can you guess which type? 

2. SCREAM: Artist, Edvard Munch, may have been inspired to create his famous "The Scream" painting in 1892 due to the occurrence of the type of clouds seen in the above picture. Learn more about it in the links below.

3. PEARL: Have you figured it out yet?  These iridescent and colorful clouds are called polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs), or nacreous clouds, and are sometimes even called "mother-of-pearl" clouds.

4. LEARN: Want to learn how to better identify clouds?  Check out our training materials in the link below.

5. WEEKLY VIDEO: See last week's favorite cloud observation submissions from around the world on our Facebook page. And don't forget to share your favorite photos with us by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter: #NASAGO.



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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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