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NASA GLOBE Observer’s Weekly Roundup: 22-28 October 2017

An adult mosquito.

Mosquito season is far from being over and for some parts of the world it is just beginning. This and more in this week's roundup.

1. VIDEO:  Mosquitoes sure are pesky little critters. So much that it is possible that there will be a new mosquito emoji added to social media and to your smart phone's emoji options -- look for that next summer.

Recently, the Wild Center in New York created and shared a video on social media all about mosquitoes and what you can do to help prevent diseases. Check it out in the link below. (GLOBE Observer is featured at the end of the video too.)

2. ERADICATE: Remember you can help eradicate mosquito breeding sites through using NASA GLOBE Observer's Mosquito Habitat Mapper.  Download it and learn more today in the links below.

3. TAKING THE BITE OUT OF MOSQUITOES: Did you know that satellites monitor mosquitoes from space?

4. NASA SPINOFF: So many great inventions come from NASA research and technology. Read about a pesticide-free device that spells "fatal attraction" for mosquitoes.

5. WEEKLY VIDEO: And of course, we do want to share with you our favorite cloud observation submissions from the past week. See the link below to access the video. 



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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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