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NASA GLOBE Observer’s Weekly Roundup: 12-18 March 2017

Clouds over Ireland as seen from space.

Two visionaries, a slice of pi and an "Emerald Isle" in this week's roundup. 

1. IMAGE OF THE WEEK: See the clouds over the ocean and the clear skies above the island in the image above?  A high-pressure system could be the cause of the clear and cloudy skies.

"Cold, dry air sinking over the islands and the waters to the northeast would be relatively cloud-free. Once the air spread out over warmer water, clouds would form."

Can you guess what island is in the above picture? Find out and learn more in the link below.

2. THEORY OF RELATIVITY 14 March is the anniversary of Albert Einstein's birth (1879-1955)

"Einstein's many visionary scientific contributions include the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2), how the maximum speed limit of light affects measurements of time and space (special relativity), and a more accurate theory of gravity based on simple geometric concepts (general relativity)."

3. THREE, POINT, ONE, FOUR: Tuesday is also pi day.  How many numbers of this mathematical constant do you have memorized?

3.1415 ...

4. LIQUID FUELED: Thursday marks the 91st anniversary of the first launch of a liquid-fueled rocket.  

"Robert Goddard successfully launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in Auburn, Mass. The first-of-its-kind rocket reached an altitude of 41 feet, lasted 2 seconds and averaged about 60 miles per hour." 

5. WEEKLY VIDEO: See last week's favorite cloud observation submissions from around the world on our Facebook page. And don't forget to share your favorite photos with us by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter: #NASAGO.

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