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Mosquito Monday Challenge Update - 30 August 2021

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Update

Thank You!

We are so thankful for all your contributions and observations (including more than 6,000 photographs) submitted during the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge. But just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean that our work on eradicating mosquito breeding sites is done! Keep observing and learning. Your photographs will continue to be useful data.

Don’t forget: Submit your photographs by August 30.

Keep Learning

  • Visit the Mosquitoes Toolkit where you will find a library full of videos, activities, articles, and more all about mosquitoes.
  • Register for the September 9 GLOBE Mission Mosquito webinar: "Investigation Pathways" and learn about climate change modeling, NASA data, and the Mission Mosquito Science Notebook! 

Acknowledge your Participation and Stay Connected

Grab your participation certificate and badge on the challenge website

Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge participation certificate
Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge badge

There is also a special certificate for you if you contributed mosquito habitat, larvae, or land cover data during the Challenge. All you need to do is opt-in (directions below) to receive GLOBE Observer News via the GLOBE Observer app and you will receive an email with a certificate celebrating your contributions. Opting in is also the best way to ensure that you get the latest updates about how the data you helped collect is being used by researchers.

To opt-in: Go to the settings menu in the app (small gear icon, bottom right), select "Opt-In/Opt-Out Settings" and then select yes under "Receive GLOBE Observer News" to receive future messages at the email address associated with your GLOBE account.

Up close…and farther!

Here are a few mosquito larvae and water source photos that we thought were very good. Do you know what would have made them even better?  A Land Cover observation showing the broader landscape! It’s not too late to send in nearby land cover observations.

Kalisz, PolandWaKeeney, Kansas, USA

Kids pool water source and larva photo in Kalisz, Poland

Tire water source and larva in WaKeeney, Kansas, USA

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USARozier-Côtes-d'Aurec, France

Plastic container water source and larva from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Concrete container water source and larva from Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec, France




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