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Mosquito Monday Challenge Update - 09 August 2021

Mosquito Monday Photo Challenge Update

The GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge kicked off Sunday, July 25, and by Friday, August 6 we now have over 3,400 new photos of mosquito larvae, water habitats, and land cover.  Thanks for all the great observations and photos so far! Read these weekly updates during the challenge online in the GLOBE Observer News section.

Mosquito larva…or imposter?

Use the Mosquito Larva Hunters Level 1 Training to sharpen those observation skills. Put this sample through the “bug-shot” lineup to determine whether it is a mosquito larva or an imposter!

Images of larvae

Photos from the GLOBE Data Visualization SystemPrincess Chulabhorn Science High School, in Trang, Thailand.

Data Dashboard

Challenge dashboard stats

Quickly find out how many and where observations photos have been submitted to the challenge with the challenge Data Dashboard on the challenge website. Select the date range “During Challenge” in the top right corner. You can create a URL that starts the map view with your location.

Science is better together

Share your stories, questions, and activities during the challenge on social with the hashtag #MosquitoChallenge.

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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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