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GLOBE Observer App Enhancements Now Available

App interface and a satellite image of clouds.

The GLOBE Observer app is now enhanced with a number of new features and fixes.

The recent update fixed several bugs, and reduced the download size of the app by about 50%. Additions included an "Opt-in" feature, new information links, an instruction graphic, and links that take you directly to the GLOBE Observer website and social media accounts. 

The new "Opt in" feature allows users to receive personalized emails from NASA regarding their cloud observations. These NASA emails will contain the cloud observation matched to satellite data.  Besides this, users can opt-in to receive news and requests from scientists for further information regarding their observations.  Users are welcome to opt-out of receiving these emails as well.  See the app for more information.

To start using the latest version of the app, be sure to update your app by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just select "Update" by the app's listing.  Also, be sure to do this when you have a strong internet connection and before you go out in the field to take data using the app. 


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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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