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GLOBE Eclipse in the News!

As we lead up to the total solar eclipse on 08 April, the GLOBE Eclipse tool as part of GLOBE Observer, app of The GLOBE Program, has been mentioned in various news articles, and members of our team interviewed about the project. Check out the links and videos below, just a selection of the coverage we've received thus far!

On 18 March, Forbes Magazine mentioned GLOBE Eclipse and the GLOBE Eclipse Challenge in their article, "NASA Asks U.S. Public To Look At Clouds During April 8’s Total Solar Eclipse." Also on 18 March, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory published a round-up of "The Science of Solar Eclipses and How to Watch With NASA" and included GLOBE OBserver.

On 20 March, GLOBE Observer was included in NASA Science Live: How to Prepare for the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse as one of the ways the public can get involved during the eclipse:


On 25 March, Holli Kohl, coordinator for GLOBE Observer, was interviewed by KWTX in Waco, Texas, as part of their segment Degrees of Science: GLOBE Eclipse.

And on 26 March, Eos, a publication of the American Geophysical Union, published an article "Eclipse Science Along the Path of Totality," which includes a discussion of the teams of Civil Air Patrol cadets who will be collecting data with GLOBE on the day of the eclipse.

NASA's Earth science news team also featured GLOBE in an article on 01 April, "Citizen Scientists Invited to Collect Data for NASA During Eclipse." (Traducido a español aquí, "La NASA invita a científicos ciudadanos a recopilar datos del eclipse.") 

On 03 April, Kristen Weaver, deputy coordinator for GLOBE Observer, was interviewed by KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas.

She also did short interviews with WFOR in Miami, FloridaWRGB in Albany, New YorkWEWS in Cleveland, Ohio, FOX35 in Orlando, Florida, and WBFF in Baltimore, Maryland (links not available for the last two.) 

In addition, we'd also like to highlight a short scientific write-up about the October 2023 annular eclipse by Renata Tarosky in the online Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, titled "Annular Solar Eclipse: A short report of cloud observations and temperature data from Tacoma, Washington, USA"



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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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