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The GLOBE Program had a strong presence at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, held from 11 December to 15 December in San Francisco, California, USA. Nearly thirty posters or presentations referenced GLOBE, including some student posters that will be presented virtually in January. Here are a few photos of the in-person offerings, with links to the AGU abstracts to read more where available.



Two photos of presenters at podiums with slides on a screen near them, presenting to an audience seated in rows of chairs in front of them.

Brooks Mitchell from the Space Science Institute (left), mentioned GLOBE Observer in libraries as part of his talk titled "Libraries as Innovative Citizen Science Hubs for Diverse Learners," as did Vivienne Byrd from the Los Angeles Public Library (right) in her talk "Neighborhood Science @ LAPL: Working Locally to Confront Global Challenges" (Photo credits: GLOBE/Kristen Weaver)


A man and a woman stand at a podium in front of an audience, with a display showing images of clouds on the screen next to them.

John Olgin and Olienka De La O Fernandez from El Paso Community College talked about their data collection with GLOBE in a presentation titled "Solar eclipse 2023: Educational and public outreach opportunities with NASA GLOBE partnerships and national and international academic institutions." (Photo credit: GLOBE/Kristen Weaver)


A number of GLOBE-related student posters were presented at AGU, especially by high school interns through the NASA STEM Enhancement in Earth Systems (SEES) program, for which several GLOBE Observer team members served as mentors. 

Four different images of students, alone or in pairs, standing in front of posters tacked up on gray display stands.

Upper left: Riya Gupta (co-author Hudson Kim, not pictured) – “Ember: A Geospatial Approach to Wildfire Risk Modeling using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Data”; upper right: Oliver Snow & Harlan Knightly (co-authors Isabella Haines, Nikhil Parida, Jayden Sanchez, not pictured ) - “Analyzing the Effects of Urbanization on Mosquitos Population Dynamics Using Citizen Science”; lower left: Ryan Chan & Calista Huang (co-authors Ruchi Bondre, Andrew Liu, and Neil Sangra, not pictured) – “A Random Forest Analysis of Remote Sensing Driven Mosquito Habitat Prediction in West Africa”; lower right: Aidan Schneider – “On the Statistical Significance of Local Land Cover Measurements: A Comparative Analysis of Citizen Science and Remote Sensing Programs


GLOBE was also present at the NASA booth in the exhibit hall, which was a crowded and popular place!

A woman in a blue NASA shirt points at GLOBE resources laid out on a table. Several people stand in front of the table, and a large crowd is seen around, including other tables with NASA information being presented.

Kristen Weaver, deputy coordinator for GLOBE Observer, at the GLOBE table in the booth. (Photo credit: GLOBE/Brian Campbell)

A tall man in a bright green shirt stands next to a monitor in a demo kiosk that displays information from the GLOBE Trees tool. He's talking to two visitors wearing white backpacks and listening attentively.

Brian Campbell, science lead for the GLOBE Trees tool, demonstrates how to access tree height data in the GLOBE database. (Photo credit: NASA/Science Support Office)

A woman stands in front of a large area of display screens. The left side shows the NASA and GLOBE Program logo. In the middle is the main landing screen of the GLOBE Observer app. To the right are four different pictures of people collecting various types of environmental science data with GLOBE. Above it all is a large circular sign that says "NASA Science."

Allison Leidner, former program manager for GLOBE and currently a special advisor for the program, gave a talk about The GLOBE Program on the hyperwall in the NASA booth. (Photo credit: GLOBE/Kristen Weaver)

A row of people stand in front of a large screen displaying the GLOBE Program logo.

Many of the GLOBE-affiliated staff present at AGU. From left, John Ristvey, interim director of operations and implementation, GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO); Brian Campbell, GLOBE Trees science lead, GLOBE Observer team, NASA Wallops/GST; Simon Castro-Wooldridge, education coordinator, GIO; Lin Chambers, deputy director for Science Activation, NASA; Allison Leidner, program manager, Energy and Infrastructure Applications, NASA; Tony Murphy, director of community engagement and program strategy, GIO; Eslam Khair, community support specialist, GIO; Kristen Weaver, deputy coordinator for GLOBE Observer, NASA Goddard/SSAI; Peter Falcon, GLOBE partner and Earth science communications specialist, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Photo credit: NASA/Science Support Office)


Additional posters or presentations from AGU not pictured above:

And (mostly student) presentations that will be part of online AGU poster sessions in January:




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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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