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GLOBE Annual Meeting 2023

The GLOBE Annual Meeting took place in Denver, Colorado, USA from 17-20 July, and showcased a variety of topics and presentations by GLOBE community members and keynote speakers. Highlighted below is a "week in review" film compiled by the media crew recording the event, as well as the keynote presentations on studying the water cycle, the Sun and eclipses, and education on Arctic excursions. More videos from the meeting can be found on the full GLOBE Annual Meeting playlist on YouTube.


Keynote: Dr. Leila Farhadi discusses "Utilizing Space-Based and Field Site Observations to Quantify and Characterize the Terrestrial Water Cycle".


Keynote: Dr. Scott McIntosh, deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric research, presents on the Sun, eclipses and more!


Keynote: Dr. Victoria Metcalf, Arctic expert and New Zealand GLOBE Country Coordinator, talks about education on excursions to the Arctic.






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