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GLOBE Fall Cloud Challenge Rakes in the Observations

Show us your cloudy skies, please.

We asked. You really came through.

The GLOBE Fall Cloud Observation Challenge brought in more than 45,000 observations from citizen scientists in more than 17,000 locations in 93 countries on every continent — including Antarctica. This influx of cloud observations is super helpful to NASA scientists who work with geostationary satellites and the suite of satellite instruments known as the Clouds and the Earth's Energy Radiant System (CERES). By comparing geostationary and CERES observations from a particular area to data submitted by citizen scientists, scientists can differentiate between wispy cirrus clouds and cold, bright features on the ground such as snow.

But it wasn't just cloud observations you shared with us. We also got reports of purple skies, haboobs and other types of dust storms, and smoke plumes from fires. These measurements are of interest to atmospheric scientists, too, as they work to improve their understanding of dust storms.

A big thank you to all who participated this year!


Here's a breakdown of what you sent us:

Total number of cloud observations: 45,300+

Total number of satellite matches: 25,100+

Total number of dust observations reported: 90+

Total observations with photos: 21,500+

Total photos received: 57,200+


And here are our top observers by global region:

Africa: Aminu Ahmad, Nigeria; Amos Kaui, Kenya; Eva van Belle, South Africa; Helena Joubert, South Africa; Bianca Oliver, South Africa

Asia and Pacific: Yu-Hsien Lee, Taiwan Partnership; Harikrishnan PU, India; Aris Larroder, Philippines; Saurabh Bhardwaj, India; Keshav Marda, India

Europe and Eurasia: Arkadiusz Bielecki, Poland; Pedro Velázquez Guzmán, Spain; Bohdana Vasylchyshyn, Ukraine; Tibor Tóth, Hungary; Marina Sambolek, Croatia

Latin America and Caribbean: Adrian Smilth, Brazil; Helio Cabral, Brazil; anonymous observer; Colombia; Kameel Mohammed-Ali, Trinidad & Tobago; Luz Cadavid, Colombia

Near East and North Africa: Aminah Al-Ahmadi, Saudi Arabia; Faizah Bahry, Saudi Arabia; Homa Hattan, Saudi Arabia; Ishaq Al Jabri, Oman; Sara Alamri, Saudi Arabia

North America: Sherryl Johnson, USA; Roger Rose, USA; Esther Flores, USA; Meena Contractor, USA; Om Prakash Gupta, USA

Observation map
This map shows the locations from which cloud observations were received. Credits: NASA


Editor: Joe Atkinson

Reproduced from this original NASA article.


My name is Om Prakash Gupta from India but published in North America region . It should be in Asia Pacific region as Top Clouds observer .

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