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Celebrate Valentine's Day with GLOBE Observer

Looking for a valentine for that special someone? Why not share the science and the love at the same time with GLOBE Observer valentines! Our talented graphic designer, Heather Mortimer, has created a new set of valentines for 2023. You can see the printable or shareable images below (right click to download). We have also included valentines made by Heather from past years. 

Polaroid camera style images with the text "Let's make memories together by contributing to a global database of citizen science observations." (square format)  A heart-shaped box with images in it cropped to different shapes and the text, "Your citizen science observations are like a box of chocolates, each one is unique." (square format)  An open book with images on the pages and the text, "We're an open book, all GLOBE citizen science data are freely available." (square format) 

Download a zipped folder with all the 2023 valentines. (Including rectangular versions in both vertical and horizontal orientations for Instagram/Twitter.)

2022 Valentines

"Happy Valentine's Day!" inside a heart shape  "Love is complicated, but so is the atmosphere," with images of clouds. 
"Not even dust can obscure my love for you!" with an image of houses in a dust storm.  "I'm always looking out for you!" with a satellite and stars overhead. 
"Together, we can weather any storm!" with an image of a storm cloud, lightning and rain. Stylized text "LOVE" with a GLOBE Observer magnifying glass.

Download a zipped folder with all the 2022 valentines.

2021 Valentines

"I pine fir yew" with images of trees.  "I think U R OAK A" with a tree with an A on the trunk and an arrow with "you" pointing at the tree. 
Let's be friends FOREST of our lives" with an image of a forest.  "I find you in-TREE-guing" with a magnifying glass.  
"I B-LEAF in U" with images of leaves around a heart. "I think we'd make a great PEAR" with a heart like a fruit hanging on the branch of a tree.

Download a zipped folder with all the 2021 valentines.


2020 Valentines

"I cirrusly love you! (And clouds too!) on a background of a sky with clouds.  "Urban is red, water is blue, land cover is everywhere and it's easy to do!" on a background of a satellite image with color-coded land cover types. 
"Love bites! This mosquito habitat just got dumped!" with an image of a can as a potential mosquito habitat. "You and GLOBE, measuring a tree, O-B-S-E-R-V-I-N-G. First comes angle, then comes distance, then comes a data point into existence," with a map showing tree height data points in the background.

Download a zipped folder with all of the 2020 valentines.






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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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