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2021 Community Trees Challenge Summary

The most recent GLOBE challenge, the 2021 Community Trees Challenge, has ended. Between April 15 – May 15, around the world, GLOBE and GLOBE Observer citizen scientists took 2,441 tree height observations from 1,733 global locations. This makes up just over 7% of the total tree height observations from just over 11% of the global locations since the release of the NASA GLOBE Observer Trees tool on March 26, 2019.  Since the release of the trees tool, there have been 34,915 tree height observations from 15,014 global locations. Not only were citizen scientists taking observations during the 2021 Community Trees Challenge, but they were also completing the Tree Challenge activity tracker and sharing their success on social media. Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge!



Visit the challenge webpage for a customizable certificate of participation.


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A graphic showing silhouettes of two people taking observations with their phones. They are standing between water with mosquito larvae in it, grass, trees, and clouds, which represent the tools within the GLOBE Observer app.

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