Observer Events

A woman leans over a table making notes on a clipboard while looking at the Eclipse tool on her phone. A thermometer and solar viewing glasses are also on the table.

GLOBE Observer Connect: October 2023

Date: 10/05/2023 - 10/05/2023
Time: 8:00 pm ET - 8:45 pm ET
Location: Virtual

On 05 October, we held our monthly GLOBE Observer Connect session, a series of short conversations about GLOBE data, science, and the latest updates. Our topic for October was the upcoming annular solar eclipse.

What happens on Earth when the Sun goes dark during an eclipse? In this month’s GLOBE Observer Connect, NASA Langley atmospheric scientist Jason (Brant) Dodson and Henry (Trae) Winter and MaryKay Severino from NASA Eclipse Soundscapes answered questions about how an eclipse changes Earth’s atmosphere and how animals respond to those changes. The discussion helped prepare for making observations during the upcoming 14 October annular eclipse in North and South America. 

To learn more about the topics of the webinar, please read the blogs by the featured speakers, "An Astronomical Atmospheric Experiment: A Backyard Astronomer's Guide to Experiencing a Solar Eclipse," and "The Eclipse Soundscapes Project: Experience an Eclipse with All of Your Senses."


Links referenced during the session: