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EO Kids: All the Colors of the Leaves

Explore in the colors of the leaves in this activity from page 3 of this EO Kids issue about how NASA sees the seasons change from space.

EO Kids: DIY Glacier

See how glaciers carve the landscape using sand, cornstarch and water in this activity on page 3 of the EO Kids issue about Glaciers.

EO Kids: DIY Landslide

See how earthquakes and intense rain can trigger landslides through a hands-on activity from this issue of EO Kids.

EO Kids: Mini Urban Heat Island

Use an infrared thermometer to record the temperature of different materials at different times to explore the urban heat island effect on page 13 of this issue of EO Kids.

Reference Materials


25 Years of Forest Dynamics

[3:57] Forests are an important part of the carbon cycle. This video shows how the Landsat satellites are used to track changes in forests.


Introducing GLOBE Observer Land Cover

[0:49] This short video introduces Land Cover: Adopt-a-Pixel.


Tracking Urban Change with Landsat

[3:10] This video explains how FEMA uses information about urban changes from Landsat satellite data to help determine flood risks.



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