Fresh Eyes on Ice - Copper and Chitina Rivers

Fresh Eyes on Ice - Copper and Chitina Rivers

Project Description:

Fresh Eyes on Ice is building a network to monitor river ice conditions. This will help us to stay safe on the ice in winter, understand changing ice conditions, validate products from satellite imagery, and improve flood forecasting. Please join our effort by contributing your photo observations of ice conditions and open water on the Copper and Chitina Rivers this winter and spring.

Project Impact:

Citizen science photos will help us to map hazardous ice conditions with satellite imagery, forecast ice jam flooding, and better understand the impacts of climate change.

Protocols Used:

Active Dates:

21 February 2022 to 31 March 2022

Special User Instructions and Tags:

Stand in a safe place and follow the in-app instructions to take photos up/down and in the cardinal directions where the river ice or water features are visible. Add the tag #ice to the field notes section to identify the observation as part of this project.

Region of Interest:

Map showing the location of the region of interest in southeast Alaska, and zooming in on the specific area around the rivers targeted for data collection.

Download region information in GeoJSON format

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