Citizen Science

GLOBE Observer is an international network of citizen scientists and scientists working together to learn more about our shared environment and changing climate. To participate, just download the GLOBE Observer app and submit regular observations.

The GLOBE Observer Program currently accepts cloud observations with a planned expansion. The cloud observations help NASA scientists understand clouds from below (the ground) and above (from space). Clouds play an important role in transferring energy from the Sun to different parts of the Earth system. Since clouds can change rapidly, scientists need frequent observations from citizen scientists.

Since GLOBE Observer is part of the GLOBE program, citizen scientists are also providing data for student research, strengthening science education.

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Did you Know?

Cumulus Congestus

A classic convective cloud towering over its neighbors. Under the right conditions, this cloud will grow into a cumulonimbus cloud - a thunderstorm.

Photo by Ed Donovan in South Carolina.