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Website Upgrade Now Complete
All functionality including login, data entry and data retrieval should be returned to normal at this time.  >>

Site Upgrade Now in Progress
Between 12 and 16 November sign in to the site will be turned off. In addition, submitting observations through the app will also not be available until the upgrade is complete.  >>

GLOBE Website Upgrade
The website’s upgrade transition period is planned for 12 November through 16 November. During this period, sign in to the site will be turned off, and as such, users will not be able to add data. For the GLOBE Observer app, users will not be able to submit data within the app. However, users will still be able to make and store observations on the app to be uploaded to the site at a later time (after the upgrade is complete).  >>

Documenting Extreme Earth Events using the GLOBE Observer App
2020 is now the costliest year on record for natural disasters in the United States. And yet scientists predict that extreme Earth events will become more frequent and more powerful as the climate warms  >>

2020 GLOBE Cloud Challenge Builds Citizen Science Community
The NASA GLOBE Clouds team never imagined this time last year that we'd be holding our GLOBE 2020 Community Cloud Challenge in the midst of a global pandemic. But GLOBE is about community and showing how science is better together!  >>

Science Is Better Together: 2020 Community Cloud Challenge
Rather than treating it as a competition this year, we’re asking you to participate in learning, observing, creating or engaging with GLOBE as a cloud observer. After all, when it comes right down to it, citizen science is just as much about engaging and learning about the science as it is about collecting data.  >>

NASA GLOBE Clouds 2020 Summer Update
The NASA GLOBE Clouds team would like to thank citizen scientist Ms. Carmen Mandel. Because of her diary of cloud observations, she was able to pinpoint for the team instances when satellite matching was not working properly. The issues have been resolved thanks to you Ms. Mandel!  >>

GLOBE Database Receives 15,000th NASA GLOBE Observer Tree Height Observation in April 2020
In April 2020, the GLOBE database received its 15,000th NASA GLOBE Observer Trees Tool tree height observation. The 15,000 observations have come from over 8,000 observation locations around the world.  >>

Introducing the Clouds Wizard on GLOBE Observer
Have you had questions about how to identify cloud types in GLOBE Observer? “Is that a cirrocumulus or an altocumulus cloud? Or maybe it’s a cirrus cloud?” Sound familiar? You are not alone! Many volunteer observers have asked for help, and we heard you. We are pleased to introduce a new GLOBE Observer feature, the Clouds Wizard.  >>

GLOBE Observer Joins GLOBE on Social Media
GLOBE Observer will be merging with GLOBE’s Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram account on March 1, 2020.  >>