Connection Conversation Celebration

GLOBE Observer Connection-Conversation-Celebration (C3) Event

26 July 2022

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for a celebration of GLOBE citizen science on 26 July 2022. At GO C3, attendees met other volunteers who participate in The GLOBE Program using its GLOBE Observer app, heard presentations from GLOBE volunteers, talked to scientists and learned what they are doing with GLOBE data, and met GLOBE Observer support staff. This free event was part of the The GLOBE Program's Annual Meeting, but registration for the Annual Meeting was not required to attend the GO C3 session. A full recording of the meeting is below, as are the individual pre-recorded sections from volunteers, our science leads, and highlighting your observation photos!


Volunteer Observer Panel:

A video showcasing stories from GLOBE volunteers about how they got started with GLOBE and the GLOBE Observer app, and connections they have made to research and to using GLOBE in their communities.


Science Updates:

The science leads for the four GLOBE Observer tools (Brian Campbell - Trees; Marilé Colón Robles - Clouds; Peder Nelson - Land Cover; Rusty Low - Mosquito Habitat Mapper) give updates about recent research being done using the data collected via the GLOBE Observer app.


Participant Image Highlights:

A compilation of data images sent in to the GLOBE database by GLOBE Observer volunteers registered for the GLOBE Observer Connection Conversation Celebration event on 26 July 2022.