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Conference for Advancing Participatory Sciences
Join GLOBE at the Conference for Advancing Participatory Sciences online between 3 June and 6 June 2024.  >>

The State of Trees May 2024
On Tuesday, 28 May 2024, at 2:00 am ET (6:00 UTC) Brian Campbell will lead a live discussion from the 2024 Japan Geoscience Union Meeting (JAXA): Revisiting the Water-Land-Tree Boundary and the “2023 Where is the Water Challenge” through the use on NASA Datasets and NASA Worldview.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect: 21 May 2024
Join us on 21 May at 12:00 pm ET (16:00 UTC) for an informal conversation with Mosquito Habitat Mapper science lead Rusty Low and GLOBE volunteers who are working to find mosquito habitats in Arizona.  >>

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar
Landscape features and environmental factors such as temperature and precipitation variations across seasons and years influence mosquito abundance and diversity. We are exploring how different remote sensing datasets related to environmental conditions and land surface characteristics can help better characterize mosquito habitat conditions. The goal is to understand mosquitoes' ecology, including the seasonality, range dispersal, abundance, and environmental determinants of their distribution through in situ data to develop ecological models to estimate species richness and predict species occurrences.  >>

Celebrate Earth Day with NASA and GLOBE
On 22 April, The GLOBE Program will celebrate its 29th anniversary with the annual Earth Day broadcast at 11 am ET (15:00 UTC). If you are in or near Washington, D.C., NASA is hosting an Earth Day event at NASA Headquarters, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ET on 18-19 April. If you plan to stay closer to home, you can host your own Earth Day event with NASA’s Earth Day Everywhere Toolkit.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect: 25 April 2024
Please join us for GLOBE Observer Connect on 25 April at 12:00 pm ET (16:00 UTC) featuring you. We want to hear about your experiences with GLOBE Eclipse!  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect: 02 April 2024
The 8 April total solar eclipse is nearly here! Are you ready? Marilé Colón Robles and Kristen Weaver are available live at 12 p.m. ET on 2 April for final questions before the eclipse.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect: March 2024
Join us on 21 March to learn from Marilé Colón Robles about cloud formation and how the total solar eclipse may have an impact on those processes, and from Ashlee Autore about her analysis of cloud observations during the annular eclipse on 14 October 2023, and what she hopes to explore with further data from the total solar eclipse on 08 April.  >>

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar: Learning with Open Science Collaboration Tools
Join the GLOBE Mission Mosquito and Land Cover team for a professional development webinar to explore how open science collaboration tools empower students to tackle real-world challenges alongside a worldwide network of researchers.  >>

NASA Eclipse Soundscapes Training
How does life on Earth, specifically wildlife, respond to solar eclipses? You can volunteer with NASA Eclipse Soundscapes to help answer that question. To learn how, attend a virtual training on 18 or 20 March.  >>