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Add land cover-related videos and presentations to your program or host a land cover-themed book club.


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25 Years of Forest Dynamics

[3:57] Forests are an important part of the carbon cycle. This video shows how the Landsat satellites are used to track changes in forests.


GLOBE Observer Land Cover: Getting Started

[2:44] Learn how to take land cover observations using the GLOBE Observer app.


Introducing GLOBE Observer Land Cover

[0:49] This short video introduces the Land Cover: Adopt-a-Pixel tool in the GLOBE Observer app.


NASA eClips: Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo Agueh

[1:51] Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo Agueh, a Research Physical Scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, shares her journey from her childhood to current career in a video from NASA eClips.

NASA eClips Real World: The Carbon Cycle

[5:43] Carbon is an essential building block for life. Learning how carbon is converted through slow- and fast-moving cycles helps us understand how this life-sustaining element moves through the environment. Discover how NASA measures carbon through both field work and satellite imagery keeping watch through its eyes on the sky, on Earth, and in space.


Tracking Urban Change with Landsat

[3:10] This video explains how FEMA uses information about urban changes from Landsat satellite data to help determine flood risks.


Why Observe: Land Cover

[7:41] This video explains what land cover is, why scientists use land cover observations from satellites, as well as why they need help from citizen scientists to collect data.



Why Observe Land Cover?

This PDF describes why land cover observations matter for science and your community.