Clouds printables and promotional materials

Printables and Promotional Materials

Printables          Promotional Materials

Use these materials to promote your program and give participants something to bring home.

Clouds Toolkit - Printables


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Sky Window

Cut out the rectangle in the middle of the Sky Window and use the information on the frame to help describe sky conditions and identify clouds.

Versión en español, Ventana del Cielo

Observation Stations

Observation Stations are typically 2' concrete stickers, from which citizen scientists can take observations using the GLOBE Observer app. Observing from a station provides additional information that allows our team to study things like change over time or the accuracy of the app. Download the template file and check out the Facilitator's Guide for guidance on customizing and placing your stations.


Facilitator's Guide

GLOBE Observer Rack Card

This rack card describes the tools within the GLOBE Observer app in English and Spanish. It is designed to be printed on 4" x 9" cardstock. Note: This file is in CMYK, and the colors may not display properly in your web browser. Please download and open the file on your desktop to preview the colors.

Clouds Postcard

Print and share this postcard to remind participants to download the app.

Cloud Teller

Learn about the different types of clouds with this paper fortune teller.

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Promotional Materials

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GLOBE Observer Logos

Download the GLOBE Observer logo in blue, black, and white to use in promotional materials.

Sample Photo Release

Planning on taking photos of participants during your program? Here is a sample photo release form that you can adapt to your organization. We would love to see your photos!

Bilingual (.docx)

Spanish (PDF)

English (PDF)

Sample Press Release for Clouds

Promote your program using this sample press release.

Bilingual (.docx)

Spanish (PDF)

English (PDF)