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GLOBE makes its data available to everyone. This page contains resources for how to access, cite, and use GLOBE data, including curated data sets focused on the four tools in the GLOBE Observer app. Please also refer to this blog outlining eight new GLOBE resources developed to support research



Download Data

GLOBE Visualization System - explore data on a world map

Advanced Data Access Tool - download to CSV

GLOBE API - query data from command line


Download pre-packaged data for:


User Guide

The purpose of the GLOBE Data User Guide is to help scientists and researchers understand, access, and use available GLOBE data.          




GLOBE Data Fundamentals: Training 1

31 October 2019 and 23 January 2020


GLOBE Data Tutorials


GLOBE Dust Observation Tutorial

19 August 2019


GLOBE Data in ArcGIS Online

9 September 2019, Credit: Joseph Kerski, ESRI


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Terms of Use

GLOBE promotes full and open sharing of its data for educational and scientific purposes. See full Terms of Use on Use of data should be credited to the GLOBE Program using the citation below.



Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program, date data was accessed,