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GLOBE 2020 Yearbook: A Year Like No Other
It goes without saying that 2020 was a year like no other. Here are a few highlights of the things we accomplished this year.  >>

2020 Total Solar Eclipse – Observations from the GLOBE Community
Read about the preliminary results of the data collection during the total solar eclipse in South America on 14 December 2020, and see a few of the photos shared by members of the GLOBE Community in the eclipse's path.  >>

Did you know that clouds have names?
Wilson Bentley dedicated his life to photographing snowflakes. He became a world expert on them with multiple publications in science journals, magazines, and newspapers.  >>

NASA to Provide Spanish-Language Coverage, Livestream of Solar Eclipse
La NASA proporcionará cobertura en vivo el lunes 14 de diciembre de un eclipse solar que pasará sobre América del Sur y obsequiará a partes de Chile y Argentina con vistas de un eclipse total de Sol. Se transmitirá un programa en español por NASA Televisión y el canal público en el sitio web de la agencia. Aparte, ofreceremos una retransmisión en vivo del eclipse sin narración en el canal de medios de NASA TV.  >>

Total Solar Eclipse in South America on 14 December 2020
The eclipse will pass across the southern part of South America, slightly further south than the path of the eclipse on 02 July 2019. This year’s eclipse will begin over the Pacific Ocean, and the lunar shadow will enter South America near Lago Budi, Chile and end near Las Grutas, Argentina. Outside this path, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in the rest of Chile and Argentina as well as Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.  >>

Educator Options with the GLOBE Teacher vs. GLOBE Observer Account Types
The options available through the GLOBE Program can be complex, and it can be difficult for teachers or other educators to determine the best way to use GLOBE Observer with their students or program participants. Different choices will make sense in different circumstances. This article describes some of the main options with GLOBE, and what each one can and can’t do, with a particular focus on how they might work for teachers or other facilitators running programs for students, or students and families.  >>

Website Upgrade Now Complete
All functionality including login, data entry and data retrieval should be returned to normal at this time.  >>

Site Upgrade Now in Progress
Between 12 and 16 November sign in to the site will be turned off. In addition, submitting observations through the app will also not be available until the upgrade is complete.  >>

GLOBE Website Upgrade
The website’s upgrade transition period is planned for 12 November through 16 November. During this period, sign in to the site will be turned off, and as such, users will not be able to add data. For the GLOBE Observer app, users will not be able to submit data within the app. However, users will still be able to make and store observations on the app to be uploaded to the site at a later time (after the upgrade is complete).  >>

Documenting Extreme Earth Events using the GLOBE Observer App
2020 is now the costliest year on record for natural disasters in the United States. And yet scientists predict that extreme Earth events will become more frequent and more powerful as the climate warms  >>

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