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Results from the GLOBE Eclipse Challenge: Clouds and Our Solar-Powered Earth
Between 15 March and 15 April, volunteers from over 90 countries collected more than 23,000 GLOBE Clouds observations, generating 25,444 satellite matches. Volunteers in the United States submitted 13,900+ cloud observations, making it the most active country in the challenge. Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Israel, Mexico, and Thailand were the next most active countries.  >>

Abandoned Backyard Pools Pose Mosquito Risks
Mitigation of standing water is an important action to protect communities from mosquito bites and the pathogens they carry.  >>

GLOBE Eclipse in the News!
GLOBE Eclipse has been featured in a few news articles and broadcasts recently - check out where we've been mentioned!  >>

Eclipse Tool Now in GLOBE Observer
The GLOBE Eclipse tool is now available in the GLOBE Observer app. If you live in an area that will experience the 8 April solar eclipse, the Eclipse tool is now visible to you.  >>

Supporting GLOBE Student Investigations of the Eclipse
During the eclipse, as the moon comes between us and the Sun, we will experience a sudden change in the amount of Sun’s energy reaching our surface. This can cause changes in our atmosphere including changes in air temperature, surface temperature, clouds, and wind. This can make for interesting GLOBE student research!  >>

Earn Badges and Set Streaks while Using the GLOBE Observer App
To help you keep track of your contributions to GLOBE and to show our appreciation for you, we have added a new My Achievements section to the GLOBE Observer app. This new feature shows milestone badges and streaks for all data you have submitted to GLOBE.  >>

GLOBE Eclipse Challenge: Clouds and Our Solar-powered Earth
During the upcoming eclipse (08 April 2024), scientists will be looking at cloud and temperature changes to see if there are any variations across the different climate regions the eclipse will impact.  >>

Tips for Events with GLOBE Eclipse
Are you planning an eclipse event on or before 8 April? GLOBE has a number of resources that can be useful as a display or interactive activity. These tips are gathered from the 2023 annular eclipse  >>

New Data Request Function in the GLOBE Observer App
A new data request function is now available in the GLOBE Observer app. The function will let scientists and communities request GLOBE Observer data collection in specific geographic regions to support research or community needs.  >>

Looking Back at the NASA Moon Trees Quest 2023
The NASA Moon Trees Quest asked a great deal from our GLOBE Observers around the States, and observers delivered: during the quest, there were 90 individual Apollo 14 Moon Trees and Moon Tree species identified, measured, and documented in the GLOBE database.  >>