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GLOBE Observer Connect: December 2023
Join us for the December GLOBE Observer Connect session for a conversation with Dr. Di Yang from the University of Wyoming, one of the authors of a recent paper exploring the benefits of multi-directional views from citizen science observers for land cover classification.  >>

River and Lake Ice Observing Training using SIKU and GLOBE Observer
Join Dr. Katie Spellman (University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fresh Eyes on Ice project and Alaska GLOBE Partnership) and Sophie Crump (Arctic Eider Society, SIKU) for a cross-continent ice observing webinar on Tuesday December 12 at 11 am AKST / 3 pm EST.  >>

Webinars Presented in English and Spanish – GLOBE Mission Mosquito
Join the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Mission Mosquito team for a webinar featuring Dr. Nikki Grant-Hoffman, education specialist and citizen science co-lead for the Bureau of Land Management Headquarters.  >>

Webinar: Looking at Carbon and Biomass Through Tree Height and Land Cover with Examples from Parque Morelos
Join the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Team as they come to you live from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where we will be highlighting tree height and land cover observations from Parque Morelos, in the center of the city.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect: November 2023
Did you participate in the October annular eclipse with GLOBE or host an eclipse event? Or are you interested in observing the total solar eclipse on 8 April with GLOBE? If so, we want to hear from you!  >>

In the Clouds: Taking Cloud Observations for NASA
Have you noticed how many different clouds can appear in the sky? Did you know that each one has its very own name? Learn all about these puffy giants with NASA Scientist Marilé Colón Robles and discover how clouds affect you and the world around you every day.  >>

En Las Nubes: Haciendo Observaciones de Nubes para la NASA
¿Has notado todos los diferentes tipos de nubes que pueden aparecer en el cielo? ¿Sabías que cada uno tiene su propio nombre? Aprende todo sobre estos gigantes abultados con la científica de la NASA Marilé Colón Robles y descubre cómo las nubes te afectan a ti y al mundo que te rodea.  >>

International Observe the Moon Night
Saturday, October 21 is International Observe the Moon Night! It’s a day each year when everyone on Earth is invited to observe, learn about, and honor our cultural and personal connections to the Moon.  >>

Annular Solar Eclipse
On 14 October 2023, an annular eclipse will take place in North, Central and South America. If you are in that region, you can collect data about the effects of the eclipse on the atmosphere. Learn more about how to collect data on the GLOBE Eclipse landing page. And for those leading programs related to the eclipse, we also have an Eclipse Toolkit for Informal Educators.  >>

Earth Science Week Talk on the State of Earth Observation
In support of Earth Science Week 2023, Aravind Ravichandran will provide a virtual presentation titled "The State of Earth Observation: An External Perspective" on 10 October, 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET. All are welcome to attend.  >>

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