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Build a Mosquito Trap

Build a simple trap to capture mosquito eggs and larvae using recycled and inexpensive materials.

Mosquito Habitats and Hideouts Activity

Gain familiarity with the variety of container mosquito habitats, hideouts, and life cycle stages with these games! Mosquito Habitats and Hideouts can be played three different ways: Bingo, Name That Habitat, or Sketch That Habitat.

Hideouts Activity Guide

Hideouts Bingo Boards

Hideouts Call Slides

Mosquito Tellers

Collection of 5 different versions of the hands-on Mosquito Teller.

Full Color Version

Blank, DIY Version

Grayscale, Low-Ink Version

About Mosquitoes

Beyond the Bite: Mosquito-Borne Disease Guide

This guide provides background information on the biology, pathology, and history of seven common mosquito-borne diseases: chikungunya, dengue, eastern equine encephalitis, malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and Zika virus. This resource is also available in Spanish and Portuguese




Know Your Mosquitoes

Comparative guide to GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper Taxa.

Larval Body Parts

Comparative illustrations of mosquito anatomy at all life stages.

Mosquito FAQs

Frequently asked questions about mosquitoes and the mosquito habitat mapper.


Predicting Malaria Outbreaks with NASA Satellites

[4:17] University researchers have turned to data from NASA’s fleet of Earth-observing satellites, which are able to track the types of human and environmental events that typically precede an outbreak. With funding from NASA’s Applied Sciences Program, they are working in partnership with the Peruvian government to develop a system that uses satellite and other data to help forecast outbreaks at the household level months in advance and prevent outbreaks.


Mosquito Meets MODIS

[6:53] South Dakota is the U.S. hotspot for West Nile disease. Scientists and public health officials there have developed a way to use environmental data from NASA satellites to forecast the risk of West Nile. They’re giving people working on preventing the disease an important new tool for protecting the population.

GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper Intro

[2:29] GLOBE Observer's Mosquito Habitat Mapper allows you to identify and document where mosquitoes are breeding. This video gives a brief overview of how it works.

Fight Zika with NASA GLOBE Observer's Mosquito Habitat Mapper

[3:14] Promotional video for GLOBE Observer: Mosquito Habitat Mapper.


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Zika Zine

The fictional mosquitoes in the Zika Zine do the same sorts of things as real Aedes mosquitoes, which carry Zika virus. Read the Zine, learn how Aedes mosquitoes live, and you’ll discover how to reduce the number of places where mosquitoes can survive. After you’ve read the Zika Zine, download the coloring pages, How to Draw Wanda in 9 Easy Steps and Make Your Own Zika Zine Comic to create your own mosquito pictures and stories.

Zika Zine Page

How to Draw Wanda in 9 Easy Steps (PDF)

Make Your Own Zika Zine Comic (PDF)