Mosquitoes Training

The app tutorial provides the information you need to make a Mosquito Habitat Mapper observation, but here are some additional resources to help you understand more about mosquitoes and why tracking their range and spread are important.

Mosquito Observation Resources


Mosquito Habitat Mapper Tutorial

PowerPoint providing background information for using the GO Mosquito Habitat Mapper app together with step-by-step instructions for obtaining a mosquito sample for analysis.  

Mosquitoes as Vectors of Human Disease: Aedes, Anopholes, and Culex

PowerPoint describing the breeding habits, distribution and common diseases associated with these three genera of mosquitoes. 

Know Your Mosquito Larvae

PowerPoint featuring labeled diagrams of mosquito larvae anatomy along with descriptions of diagnostic characteristics that are used in identifying specimens. 

Mosquito Life Cycle

PowerPoint describing the four stages of the mosquito life cycle.  

Mosquito Larvae Identification Chart - Chart showing images of the egg, larva, pupa and adult stages of Anopheles, Aedes, and Culex mosquitos.

Gráfico de Identificacion Larva del Mosquito - Gráfico que muestra imágenes de las fases de huevo, larva, pupa y adulto de mosquitos Anopheles, Aedes y Culex.

ZikaZapp Bingo - Instructions, Game Boards, Call Sheet

An activity to build awareness of the many different breeding habitats used by container mosquitoes (30 categories are used in the Mosquito Habitat Mapper), as well as the four life cycle states of a mosquito (egg, pupa, larva, and adult). The Mosquito Habitat Mapper focuses on the larva stage, but asks when taking a sample if mosquito eggs, pupa or adult mosquitoes are also found in the sample or site.