Land Cover (Adopt-a-Pixel) Training

The app tutorials provide the information required for all three parts of a Land Cover observation: capture images of the land around you, classify what you see, and compare to the satellite map of land cover. Here is the basic introductory tutorial animation from within the app:

If you would like more information about how to collect the data and why it's important, here are some additional resources to explore.

Land Cover Observation Resources

Why Observe Land Cover? - This power point presentation describes why land cover observations matter for science and your community.

GLOBE Biosphere Training - These training slides provide instructions on how to measure land cover outside of the Land Cover tool in the GLOBE Observer App.

How Landsat Helps - This web page provides examples of how scientists and others use Landsat satellite measurements of the land to inform decisions in many disciplines, especially: human health, agriculture, climate, energy, fire, natural disasters, urban growth, water management, ecosystems and biodiversity, and forest management.