Eclipse Resources

2017 Eclipse Data Analysis (Website)

We received over 80,000 air temperature measurements and nearly 20,000 clouds observations from more than 10,000 observers! While our team is working on analyzing the data, we also encourage citizen scientists of all ages to try their hand at doing their own analysis. Go to our data analysis page for example graphs and tips and tricks for accessing the data.

NASA Eclipse 2017 Activities (Website)

Observe the moon! Make a sun funnel! Perform an eclipse dance! Take a selfie with the sun! NASA invites you to experience the 2017 solar eclipse in many fun, creative, and challenging ways from family-friendly activities to sophisticated science projects. These activities have been designed to help engage your curiosity and challenge your mind. Check it out! (Live Feed)

NASA EDGE Eclipse Megacast (Live Feed)

Watch live footage of the 2017 solar eclipse with NASA EDGE on Monday, 21 August 2017. GLOBE Observer will be featured during this broadcast.


GLOBE Observer Eclipse Card (pdf)

Printable handout to promote GLOBE Observer eclipse activities.

GLOBE Observer Eclipse Info Sheet (pdf)

Printable information sheet that walks you through the basics of how and why to observe, and details how the eclipse data collection will work within the app.

GLOBE Observer Eclipse Poster (pdf)

A printable poster to celebrate GLOBE Observer and observations of air temperature and clouds during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Links, Resources and Data Sheet (pdf)

A page with links, resources, and a table to collect data during the eclipse (cloud cover, cloud types, air temperature and surface temperature) without using the app. Created by the GLOBE Mission Earth program, it is targeted for educators, although it could be used by others. You will need to have a GLOBE account and be trained (eTraining is available) to be able to enter the data from the paper sheet afterward using the GLOBE Data Entry online forms or app.

Eclipse Observation Organizer (pdf) and Reading Activity (pdf)

For formal or informal educators, or parents looking for additional activities to do with their kids on eclipse day, this simple organizer and data sheet has kids draw and describe what they see during different points of the eclipse for more qualitative data collection. For connections to other areas of the curriculum, there is a reading activity with a few questions. See the eclipse page on the formal GLOBE website for additional learning activities and research ideas.


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