To become a GLOBE Observer as an individual, all you need to do is download the GLOBE Observer app and use it to observe the environment wherever you are. However, if you are an informal educator at a library, museum, or after school club, or just looking for additional activities related to the types of data collected in the app, here are some ideas.  

General Resources

Know Your Earth Quiz Collection

Test how well you know your Earth. Choose from multiple quizzes about soil, air, oceans, weather and more. A great resource for science museum educators or volunteers to engage visitors with an interactive quiz about our Earth. Patrons can test their knowledge, learn something new, and be invited to observe their Earth with GLOBE Observer.

Specific Resources




Did you Know?


You can't get more stratuslike than that. Nice, flat, uniform lighting throughout the cloud and snow, and trees and building make a good contrast.

Photo from Pequot Lakes, MN.