Article by Maria-Jose Vinas Garcia and originally published on the NASA web site . Want to be a citizen Earth scientist? All you need to contribute to NASA’s studies of our home planet is a smartphone, access to the outdoors, and the new “GLOBE Observer” app. Now available for Apple and Android phones, the app is an initiative of the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program, a science and education effort that for over two decades has enabled schools and students in over 110 countries to investigate their local environment and put their...

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Don’t you just love having the opportunity to lie down outside on a blanket and view the sky above your head? I cannot think of anything more relaxing.  Are you imagining some clouds right now?  Did you know that not just scientists and spacecraft collect data on clouds?  Learn how you too can take cloud data, how astronauts relax and more in this week’s roundup.  1. IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Our image of the week (see the above) is “Cloudy Earth” from NASA’s Aqua satellite’s MODIS instrument.  This image shows an average of Earth’s cloud coverage between the...

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Did you Know?

Cirrus over Cumulus

This is a great, and fairly typical shot of high thin cirrus over low cumulus clouds in the Tropics.

Photo taken by Doug Stoddard in Puerto Rico.