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NASA GLOBE Observer’s Weekly Roundup: 4-10 March 2018

A map of the US showing rainfall areas.

Nor'easters, light dustings, rain, and chilly weather. We are still very much in winter. This and more in this week's edition of the roundup.  

1. IMAGE OF THE WEEK: "Much of the U.S. Midwest has received above normal precipitation this winter. A NASA rainfall analysis provided a look at the precipitation that contributed to current flooding." Read more in the below.

2. NOR'EASTER: "NOAA's GOES 16 satellite viewed the the recent Nor'easter from space and saw it spinning off the Atlantic Northeast. This storm has hit the the East Coast with intense winds, snow, rain and hail." 

4. SNOW: The Atlantic Northeast is not the only place experiencing snow of late. Snow was also seen in an area where it is less than usual.  Check out the link below to view a time lapse of snowfall in sunny California. 

3. DATA COLLECTION: Remember our cloud challenge starts next week. (Dates are March 15th through April 15th.)  Learn more in the link below, but the observer who submits the most observations during the period will receive a video shout out from a NASA scientist.

5. WEEKLY VIDEO: Here are our favorite cloud observation submissions from the past week from all around the world. 

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Did you Know?

Cirrus over Cumulus

This is a great, and fairly typical shot of high thin cirrus over low cumulus clouds in the Tropics.

Photo taken by Doug Stoddard in Puerto Rico.