Mosquito Habitat Data

GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper Data

Georeferenced observations of mosquito habitats and larvae reported by GLOBE students and citizen scientists, and processed in three cases, as described in the metadata and procedures document. The data are provided as CSV files in a zipped folder (which also includes the metadata and procedures file.)

The below data and documentation were produced to accompany the paper:

Low, R., Boger, R., Nelson, P., & Kimura, M. (2021). GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper Citizen Science Data 2017-2020. GeoHealth, 5, e2021GH000436.


2017-2020 GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper Data - Three Cases v1.0


2017-2020 GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper Data - Metadata and Procedures


Geographic domain: global, but limited to three regions: Africa, Asia and Pacific, and Latin America and Caribbean


Time period: 2017-01-01 to 2020-12-31


Citation: Low, R., Boger, B., Nelson, P. and Kimura, M. (2021).  GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper Citizen Science Data 2017-2020, v1.0.


Acknowledgments: These data were obtained from NASA and the GLOBE Program and are freely available for use in research, publications and commercial applications. When data from GLOBE are used in a publication, we request this acknowledgment be included: "These data were obtained from the GLOBE Program." Please include such statements, either where the use of the data or other resource is described, or within the Acknowledgements section of the publication.


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