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Do More with GLOBE Observer

Beyond the basics of taking observations with the app, you may be interested in exploring more of the 50+ data collection protocols offered by the full GLOBE Program. You can get started on GLOBE's e-training page. Protocols are organized under atmosphere (rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc.), biosphere (canopy cover, green-up green-down, etc.), hydrosphere (water transparency, pH, nitrates, etc.), and pedosphere (soil moisture, soil characterization). You will need to complete an introductory module, plus a specific sphere introduction. The spheres where you will find the protocols most closely related to each GLOBE Observer tool are:

GLOBE Observer Tool: GLOBE Sphere:
Clouds Atmosphere
Mosquito Habitats Hydrosphere
Land Cover Biosphere
Trees Biosphere 


You will also need to complete at least one protocol-specific module. Each module consists of a PowerPoint presentation to review, plus an assessment test (you will need to be logged in to your GLOBE Observer account to take the test.) Further questions? Contact us.


Some other ways to extend your experience with GLOBE Observer: